Creative Producer


Freelance Writer 

If you're looking for a lyricist or a co-writing opportunity, drop me a line. I am always looking to make music!

I have experience with ad copy, community management, content creation, and reviewing professional documents. Contact me to talk about any of your freelance writing needs and for my rates.

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I am always looking to connect with artists and build their projects with them. Below is what I offer as a creative producer. Contact me for rates.


I will:

Listen to your tracks and give you production ideas for every song. I'll also help you pick reference tracks for each. Then I'll sit at the table with you and your managers, technical producers, and we'll work as a team to bring your dream to life!

Create an album concept and help you tie it into everything; from album art to your social media posts to a music video.

Connect you with the best fit for your project whether you need a graphic artist or a producer.

Order the songs in the project to tell a story -your story. What do you have to say?